DDX3X Foundation

Mutations in the DDX3X gene cause intellectual disabilities and other symptoms, primarily in young girls. A local nonprofit, called the DDX3X Foundation, formed to support the families and encourage research. First Ascent was contacted to develop a brand and digital platform to support their efforts.

For this project, we developed a brand that was welcoming, supportive, and focused on the the young girls and families affected by the DDX3X mutation. The color palette contains purples, blues, and pinks, and we incorporated childlike drawings throughout the website to create a childlike, friendly character to an otherwise intimidating and scary subject.

On the technical side, we designed and developed a website that served as both an information hub for DDX3X parents, researchers, and supports, as well as a digital patient registry. Targeted primarily at busy mothers and families, the site focuses on an easy, intuitive user experience especially on mobile devices.

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