Making the Most of Your Mailing List

November 16, 2015

Written By: Pauline Rubin


This month, we had the pleasure of talking at the Delaware Perfect Wedding Guide luncheon about the basics of email marketing. The PWG provides an ideal opportunity to create an automated email series because of the mailing lists they have access to.

Like social media and word of mouth, effective email marketing provides another funnel to your website where potential customers can get more information about your business. Good emails are rare, but they have several things in common:

  • Interesting subject line – Your subject line is the only chance you have to convince someone to open your email. So make it fun and interesting! 
  • Clear organization and little fluff – When you have an overabundance of content in an email, the content starts to lose its importance. A great email will clearly define a hierarchy and organize content into sections. However, it also won’t provide unnecessary information. Keep things simple!
  • Single, clear “Call to Action” – Don’t overwhelm the email recipient with multiple actions they should take (“Call Now”, “Visit Our Website”, “Get in Touch”). Choose one call to action and make sure it stands out as a button or image.

Click here to access a PDF of the presentation.


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