Teaching Small Business Owners About Web Accessibility

January 12, 2016

Written By: Pauline Rubin


We recently had the privilege to guest post on the Small Business Development Center’s blog, educating small business owners about the importance of web accessibility.

For those not familiar with the term, web accessibility is the practice of making websites more inclusive for those with disabilities by removing all barriers that prevent interaction. Examples of best practices include providing alternative text for images, properly structuring content, and much more.

In this article for the Delaware SBDC, I focused on the importance of web accessibility for small business owners and how they can take steps to make their websites more accessible.

Roughly 1 in 5 Americans have a disability, so not providing an accessible website potentially alienates 20% of your customers. A business owner who does not have an accessible website could be sued for discrimination and face other legal consequences. In addition, web accessibility standards often align with best web design practices, and thus, they can benefit your other users as well. 

The best ways to move forward in implementing web accessibility standards on your website are: educate yourself on the issue, scan your current site for problems, and get your team on board. Also, be sure to ask about accessibility when deciding on a website developer in the future.

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