Front End Developer

Remote Contract. WordPress, PHP & Javascript

At First Ascent, we provide full-service digital marketing. Our scopes include strategy, branding, content creation, and website design, development, and management for clients in a wide range of industries.


We’re looking for a Front-end Developer with skills in PHP & React to work on projects encompassing custom, from-scratch WordPress theming. We do NOT build with off-the-shelf themes or plugins. You must be excited by front-end development and the challenge of creating beautiful, precise, responsive web experiences for users.

You must be comfortable overlapping your working time with Eastern Standard Time (USA East Coast), at least 4 hours a day. You must be comfortable working in a team and with an established workflow. Must be comfortable with git, command line, and front-end development, not just entering content into existing WordPress themes. We custom build all themes from near-scratch.

Compensation is tied to experience and availability.

Please review the job description, let me know if you are interested and if you have any questions. Please read the full description.

Job Title
Front End WordPress Developer

Job Type
Contract. Hourly. Up to 40hours / wk. 

Tasks and Skills
We are looking for driven, precise, and focused developers for maintaining and creating custom codebases built around WordPress. We are NOT theme editors and we stress front-end expertise and an understanding of object-oriented programming as minimum requirements.

We are a company that believes in training and will help train new hires. If you believe you’ll need help on a particular topic, let me know.

Skills and Experience:
React & Gutenberg
Front end animations, e.g. GSAP
Vagrant / Virtual Box / Docker
WordPress Theming and Plugin Development, Bootstrap, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
BASH shell, wp-cli

Typical Tasks:
Building custom designed front end experiences
WordPress Gutenberg custom blocks
Custom Plugin development (The WordPress Way)
Setting up ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) fieldsets for page editors
Maintaining / Updating a theme
Developing on a test server
Hot fixes on live sites
Write semantic, easy-to-read, valid code

Eye for detail
We accept no less than excellent communication
Ability to clearly follow instructions
High level of organization
Ability to prioritize
Self-management and initiative

Support Suite:
We use the tools below to collaborate.
Asana | G Suite | Google Drive | Slack | Clockify | Dropbox

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