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Helping bring high-quality summer programs to underprivileged youth

The Summer Learning Collaborative, better-known as SummerCollab, is a nonprofit that aims to close the academic achievement gap between children of high-income and low-income families by partnering with community centers in making high-quality summer programs available to low-income youth.

Summercollab Brand and Assets

Standing out with a strong brand and assets

First Ascent helped SummerCollab develop their own brand that would help them stand out as a non-profit that produces results. We also developed custom platforms that streamlined how they accept donations, recruit people, and share their curriculum database.

Summercollab Brand and Assets
Summercollab Result Figures

Spreading the good news

Since SummerCollab began in 2013, it has been successful in achieving its goal, with 86.5% of their campers reversing summer learning loss, and 40% of them showing a learning gain of three months or more.

Despite these impressive figures, they still needed to attract the attention of more community centers, volunteers, and donors. We helped SummerCollab tell their story better to show the impact of summer learning loss on the youth.

Summercollab Result Figures
Summercollab 2018 Leadership Model

Creating an easy-to-use, highly functional website

We built SummerCollab's website to be as easy to update and maintain as possible, while still being highly functional. We also developed custom platforms that streamlined its critical areas of donations and recruitment to allow the organization to focus on its goals.

Summercollab 2018 Leadership Model

Building a partnership

First Ascent are not only experts at what they do but also great people to work with. They took the time to really learn about SummerCollab and the work we were doing before diving in and completing high quality work on time and on budget. I consider them partners that will help us continue to grow in the future.

– Catherine Lindroth, Executive Director


“First Ascent Design rebranded SummerCollab, rebuilt our website and curriculum database, and managed much of our print and digital communications for us. Not only am I proud of our new brand and website, but more importantly, I see the impression it makes on donors, camp leaders, teachers, and other stakeholders we engage with.”

- Catherine Lindroth, Executive Director
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Bubble Box

Fun and playful iconography

We focused on capturing the positivity and excitement that comes with learning at a young age in our icons.

Summercollab Recruitment Process

Simplifying the recruitment process

The website plays a crucial role in recruiting people, from counselors and teachers, to program managers and curriculum writers. We developed a streamlined platform for their recruitment process to help with interviewing and approving candidates, as well as ensuring they're the right fit for the job. Partner camps can also log into the platform and shop for candidates, adding even more value to the platform. The recruitment platform has managed over 600 applicants since its launch, helping the organization handle its workload easily.

Summercollab Recruitment Process
Summercollab Donation Form

Transforming donation collection

We developed a custom donation platform for SummerCollab to provide a seamless brand experience and clarity around pricing tiers, something that would have been impossible with a third-party platform. We created the website in conjunction with the platform to show donors exactly what they're supporting.

In six months, SummerCollab has been able to raise over $20,000 with an average donation of $100. Our custom donation platform helped reverse the trend of low individual donations to help the non-profit achieve its goals.

Summercollab Donation Form
Summercollab Donation Form

Finding the right curriculum with a few clicks

The curriculum is one of SummerCollab's essential components. We developed a curriculum database to allow partners to easily search for one that's right for them using subject, difficulty, lesson type, grade level, and unit filters.

As the database grows, it will be transformed into a store where non-partners can access, preview, and buy curriculums.

Summercollab Donation Form
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