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Building a loyal community of do-ers at The Mill in Wilmington

We worked with The Mill prior to its launch in 2016 to develop a distinct brand identity and website to connect what is now a vibrant community of startups, freelancers, small and large businesses in Wilmington, Delaware.

About the space

Our fluid website paired effortlessly with the fantastic space design. The Mill was able to rise quickly as a hub for some of the most creative and entrepreneurial minds on this side of the country, combining great rates with a close-knit community feel.

More than meets the eye

The website ranks highly in search engine results, ranking first in several organic results in what is typically a competitive space. The high traffic ensures the spaces are always filled, and the presence of a complete space brings the community together.

Preparing for launch

We met Robert back in 2015 prior to The Mill’s launch. At the time, two coworking spaces already existed in Wilmington, so The Mill needed to stand out. We built a brand after working closely with Robert to focus on awareness as well as converting interest into space leases. The brand quickly became recognizable with a lively community coming together around it.

First Ascent has truly become an invaluable partner, and I view them as a part of The Mill’s team. They’re easy to work with, responsive, and truly care about their work. I trust them to speak for The Mill more so than anyone else.

Connecting the community

We created a fun and engaging newsletter to connect the growing community at The Mill. With an impressive 40.6% open rate and a 3.5% click rate, the newsletter has become a truly valuable asset, so much so that it is now able to charge access from those who wish to use it as a means to promote their businesses or events to members of The Mill.

In just one year, our email list has grown from zero to thousands of local people who are genuinely interested in what we’re doing. Our email metrics consistently blow away all benchmarks. I couldn’t be happier with the work First Ascent has done.

- Robert Herrera, Founder

The Mill’s founder, Robert, also shares his thoughts regularly through the newsletter, which gives it a personal touch and gives readers an authentic feeling of being in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

The Mill Heat Map & Statistics

Knowing who’s who at The Mill

We wanted to give prospective customers an interactive way to explore the space. We created a space map that achieved 1,000 clicks in less than an hour and, since launch, it has continued to be one of the most highly engaging features of the website, getting an average session duration of 2:05 minutes, and receives an average of 1,500 sessions per month—showing user engagement and interest.

The Mill Heat Map & Statistics

A close-knit community

The Mill is more than just a coworking space—it’s a community. We helped build and grow this community by creating and publishing newsletters that highlight The Mill’s amenities, community events as well as those of members and The Mill.

Exclusive members receive curated content while we also provide content for a general audience. This approach helps transform non-members into members who eventually grow into office spaces.

The Mill Blog

Giving a face to the space

Another key element of the website is the blog. More than just a place for news and updates, it also features one member every week. The blog adds to the feeling of being in a community by giving each member a face, showing the diversity of its members and the kind of work that everyone does.

The Mill Blog
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