Hosting and Maintenance

Keep your website polished, up-to-date, and secure.

Your website will be in good hands.

At First Ascent Design our goal is to be your trusted website maintenance partner. When you work with us, you get a professional staff of developers and designers working to make your life easier, so you can rock it and focus on doing what you do best.


Our website maintenance plan includes 4 hours of monthly support. Need to add a new page to the website? Want to change copy or images? We’ll handle any and all updates. We’ll also provide general support by email for your staff. What is a support task?


Keep tabs on how your site is performing with detailed reports about visitors, visitor actions, heatmaps, goal tracking, etc.


We will continually audit and improve the site for SEO best practices, ensuring that Google correct finds, indexes, and displays the website as new content is added.


We’ll monitor the website for any changes in availability, loading speed, and for broken links to continually provide the best user experience possible.


If desired, web hosting is included as well as any managing of the host necessary. Interacting with any other hosting company will be charged hourly


Most sites require an update at least once a week and major updates can sometimes break the site. Not updating is even worse, leaving your site vulnerable to attack. We’ll perform routine security scans keep your site safe and secure.


We make weekly backups of your website files and databases that are stored on our First Ascent Design servers. These backups of your website will always be accessible, no matter what happens. If your site is hacked, deleted, or otherwise damaged, just reach out to us and we will restore the most recent backup of the site, no questions asked.


Development and support tasks are the web-related tasks that need to get done, but shouldn’t be using up your valuable time. Examples are:

  • Post an article you’ve written onto your website
  • Add a new page from an existing template
  • Minor styling changes (e.g. change text alignment, re-order sections, etc.)
  • Swap text and/or images
  • Find stock photos for use on the site
  • Create website graphics (e.g. banners, buttons, etc.)
  • Improve page loading speed
  • Plugin installation

And many more, just ask!

Requesting a task:

Changes are requested via email to [email protected]. You must provide specific information about the change needed and provide any information needed to make the change. An example might be “Please post this article, word doc attached, to the blog in the news category.” If a requested task is a larger change, it will be broken into multiple smaller tasks.

Task Timelines:

Changes are usually completed within 5 business days, most changes are completed within 2 business days. Changes are completed in the order requested and one at a time. For an urgent or emergency change, please send the task email and reach out to your project manager for the fastest possible response. Large tasks that are broken into smaller tasks will be completed over multiple iterations of the above.

What if a task is out of scope?

Determination of whether a task is in or out of scope remains at First Ascent Design LLC’s discretion. Tasks that are outside the scope of maintenance can be handled by 1) quoting a project cost, 2) billing hourly, or 3) Splitting the work up into smaller tasks accomplished over several months. No additional amounts will be billed without permission and no work will commence on larger tasks until confirmation is received via email.