Make an impact, then tell people about it.

A simple formula for success. In our experience, nonprofits are excellent at making an impact. Where they fall short, is making sure the world knows about it.
Nonprofits are adapting to the digital age.

Just like for-profit businesses, they are discovering that their website, their social media, and digital presence are assets.

A strong digital presence helps educate the public.

A compelling website can help recruit board members.

A digital marketing campaign can find new donors.

SummerCollab was taking off and doing better than we had dared to hope, but we didn’t have a good way to share our story and the impressive results we had achieved. Our brand was weak and ill-defined, and I constantly wished that we had a better way to present ourselves.

First Ascent Design rebranded SummerCollab, rebuilt our website and curriculum database, and managed much of our print and digital communications for us. Not only am I proud of our new brand and website, but more importantly, I see the impression it makes on donors, camp leaders, teachers, and other stakeholders we engage with.

-Catherine Lindroth, Executive Director, SummerCollab
2017: Launching SummerCollab's new website

In 2017, we launched a new website and brand for SummerCollab. Alongside that launch, we developed a donation funnel that brought real results:

in donations in 6 months
average donation
Other nonprofit partners:
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