Digital Marketing Office Hours

Thank you for attending the Digital Marketing Office Hours.

It was a great discussion and a chance to meet and chat with other business owners working through this COVID-19 crisis. Another event is in the works and will be announced soon.

Thank you for attending!

Today’s crisis has a lot of businesses making a lot of changes, fast.

And with that comes a lot of uncertainty.

In the last few weeks, we’ve gotten the same questions from clients again and again as everyone is coping with social distancing and stay-at-home orders.

  • What can we do on our website?
  • What is the effect on social media?
  • Do display ads and search engine ads still work for my industry?
  • What can I do now that I can’t attend or host any events?

We imagine you have the same questions. 


Introducing Digital Marketing Office Hours at First Ascent

Please join us for a moderated meeting hosted through ZOOM. This is meant to be a forum to discuss and get advice on digital marketing techniques, what’s changing during this crisis, and what actions can you take to strengthen your marketing and effectively communicate with your audience(s). We will start with brief introductions and open the floor for your questions. Be sure to bring questions unique to your business so that we can help each other make progress in these challenging times. In order to spark conversation, we will go over some changes that the digital marketing industry is seeing in response to the last few weeks, and some missteps and successes we’ve seen. If time allows, we will go over some studies that are coming out in the last week that showcase the changes seen and those that are coming.

Attendance is limited

In order to run an efficient meeting, we’re limiting attendance to 15 people. Our first Digital Marketing Office Hours will be Friday 4/10 at 10 AM to 11 AM. Please sign up on the form below to receive a ZOOM link and calendar invite.  

Who is leading the meeting?

Our Digital Marketing Office hours this week will be led by John Himics, a partner at here First Ascent and an adjunct at UD. His focus is on “Entrepreneurial Marketing” and using marketing as a tool that generates results with the minimum spend.

Starting his career as an engineer at DuPont, John Himics brings a data-focused view to optimizing digital marketing and business processes. With a decade of experience in web development, John keeps First Ascent ahead of the curve with emerging technology and drafts a technology plan for clients that ensures robust systems, security, speed, and ease-of-use. John aims to build repeatable, efficient systems around technology and digital marketing. John is also an Adjunct Professor at University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship, a member of Delaware Technical College’s Business Advisory Board, and a Rotarian at Caesar Rodney Rotary.

Sign ups are on hold until the next event is scheduled.



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