Strategy-driven design and marketing

Beginning your journey is always daunting — you might slip, tumble, or take a wrong turn. Marketing isn’t any different. It helps to have an experienced and knowledgeable guide, someone you can trust to lead you in the right direction. That’s what we do at First Ascent.

“A first ascent is the first time a climbing route is successfully executed. It entails genuine exploration, with greater risks, challenges, and recognition than climbing a route pioneered by others.”

Whether we’re designing websites for million-dollar companies, managing digital marketing campaigns for industry experts, or driving awareness and engagement for nonprofits, we believe in bringing together data-driven strategy with design to create the best possible results.

Branding & Identity

We create visually distinctive brands that make a powerful and lasting impression. We’ll work closely with you in building a brand that reflects your values and communicates them to your audience.

Screenshot of Dual School website

Graphic Design

We understand that every asset we design has a role to play in your brand. We keep everything seamless and consistent on all types of media, both online and offline.

Web Development

Your website is your most important digital asset, and we build websites that tell engaging brand stories. They’re beautiful, functional, and are customized to meet your exact specifications.

Screenshot of Tyler's Camp website and Facebook Ad on a mobile

Digital Marketing

We work with you to find out who your audience is, where they’re going online, and how to reach them. We’ll share your story to inspire potential customers to engage with you.