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Novel discovery creates a new hope for families

The DDX3X Foundation was formed to raise awareness and to find a treatment for the recently discovered mutation of the DDX3X gene, which primarily affects young girls and their intellectual development.

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Taking the step toward a cure

We helped the foundation build its patient registry and develop a recognizable, consistent brand that raises awareness and brings together families and the medical community. The site and branding introduce the condition to the uninitiated, creating an active desire for scientific research to treat the DDX3X gene mutation.

Screenshot of DDX3X website on a mobile
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Strength in numbers

With the registry an important component in growing awareness, we streamlined the information collection process with a focus on simplicity to bring more patients in. We broke the process down into two steps: the first collecting only contact information, the second the larger registry form.

The DDX3X Foundation aims to use the database of patients to better persuade individuals and institutions to finally study the treatment and take steps toward developing treatment. The information is stored in an encrypted database that ensures privacy and security of all information provided.

DDX3X Symptoms Percentage
DDX3X News & Press

A caring home on the web

The website serves as a safe space for patients, providing reliable information and answers to common questions on the DDX3X mutation. We designed the site to be super easy to update, ensuring the foundation's growth is not tethered to our expertise.

There’s also a blog and a private Facebook group where parents can share stories about their children, bringing improved understanding of the condition, and inspiring families to know they aren't alone.

DDX3X News & Press
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We used fun and playful iconography to communicate and connect with the mutation's demographic.

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Partnering for good

Because the organization is mostly composed of parent-volunteers, many of whom have full-time jobs, we worked not only as a service provider, but also as their partner that took care on the things they didn’t have time to do. We pitched in to help manage the website and the registry.

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Capturing children’s joy and optimism

When creating the brand, we wanted to create something that shows the character of children with the condition. They aren't just patients, after all, but happy, positive angels who love and are loved by their families.

We chose a slightly feminine color palette with its purples and pinks, because the condition primarily affects young girls. We gave careful consideration to each color option in order to find a happy medium of neutrality.

DDX3X Branding Identity
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The story so far

While the foundation’s work is only beginning, finally having a strong identity, as well as the means to bring together parents and have them tell their children’s stories, have delivered encouraging results in raising awareness about the DDX3X mutation. The website is currently one of the most comprehensive resources available on the subject today with its blog and patient registry.

DDX3X Blog Story
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