What We Accomplished at Hacksgiving 2015

November 10, 2015

Written By: Pauline Rubin

To kick off the first Delaware Innovation Week, Start It Up Delaware organized a three day hackathon this past weekend. Hacksgiving 2015 provided developers and designers in the Wilmington tech community the opportunity to work on side projects, cool ideas, and some client work.

Last year, First Ascent Design participated in the Delaware Global Startup Battle and took first place with the Aster Center. This year no Global Startup Battle was held. For this hackathon, no teams were formed, and there was no competition or demo day. The result was a more laid-back and collaborative environment than what we experienced last year. 

We like to call it, Study Hall at the CoIN Loft
We like to call it, Study Hall at the CoIN Loft

We came into the weekend not knowing what we would be working on or what to even expect. We quickly got involved in a few projects, as well as working on some of our client work and marketing materials.


The first project we worked on was SyncQL. SyncQL is a product being developed by Itr8group that allows software applications to call on multiple APIs, such as GitHub, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc. in standard SQL syntax. It’s a product for developers, by developers, and marketed to developers. This developer focus drove the implementation of the website, which at this moment is only a landing page and product documentation.

Itr8group’s founders Rory and Adam originally came to the hackathon planning on spending the weekend coding the landing page. Both of them are excellent programmers, but had a huge to-do list besides the landing page. We decided to help and developed the website in a few hours, which gave them the time to make major progress on the backend architecture of the application.


Every hear of AirTable? If not, you should check it out. It offers all the functionality of a relational database in an easy-to-use-and-understand spreadsheet based user interface. AirTable has catptured the excitement and imagination of Zach Phillips, founder of Kitchen.co a local Video Production company. Zach is working on a static site generator that uses AirTable as it’s database backend and admin panel.


To support Zach, Pauline designed a number of logo iterations for AirGuitar. We aimed to share the same feel as AirTable’s branding without sharing the exact same look. This establishes AirGuitar as related to, but simultaneously different than AirTable.

Client Progress

In addition to having the opportunity to work on two exciting projects, we also forged ahead on our own to-do lists. 


Happy Friday from the @startitupdelaware Hacksgiving 2015! Working on some materials for our presentations in the coming weeks.

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This weekend, we completed a series of web banners, designed one logo and three websites, and developed one landing page. Not bad.

Events coming up

Pretty soon you can catch us doing presentations during Delaware Innovation Week.

Design Talk – Pauline Rubin of First Ascent Design
The Power of Color in Branding/Marketing
Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2pm
Theatre N at Nemours
1007 N Orange St 19801
Wilmington DE, 19801

Web Development Talk – John Himics of First Ascent Design
Speeding Up and Optimizing Your Website
Thursday, Nov. 19, 2pm
The CoIN Loft
605 North Market Street
Wilmington DE, 19801

Hope to see you there!

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