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Helping students pursue their passions outside the classroom

Dual School is a student idea incubator that encourages high school students to launch passion projects that supplement their classroom learning.

Dual School Student and Mentors

Student and mentors working together

The organization focuses on providing experiential learning, and volunteer mentors guide students into realizing their projects by running workshops, creating physical prototypes, and developing websites. We created a website to serve as a hub for the Dual School community while also adding in the functionality to handle applications for aspiring members.

Dual School Student and Mentors
Dual School Multiple Audiences

Speaking to multiple audiences

While the concept behind Dual School may sound straightforward, conveying this idea to multiple audiences clearly and simply was complex.

Aside from encouraging students to join, Dual School also had to make a lasting impression on those in the industry, including school counselors, teachers, mentors, investors, and parents.

We worked closely with Dual School to create their brand identity and website to introduce who they are, what they do, and why they do it, all while speaking to multiple audiences.

Dual School Multiple Audiences
Dual School Identity

Unearthing Dual School’s identity

Creating Dual School's identity began with designing their logo. Because they had no brand identity when we first worked with them, we took a hands-on approach in developing our ideas for the look and feel.

In addition to our usual process of research, meetings, and surveys, we also collaborated with the students, mentors, and teachers from the beginning through individual and group sessions. This boots-on-the-ground method allowed us to better understand how those involved viewed Dual School.

Dual School Identity


Dual School’s iconography allows simple communication of fundamental ideas with the help of color and imagery to focus on child-like excitement for new discovery.

“The Dual School branding and website site really capture what we are about. Thank you for making it so beautiful.”

- Meghan Wallace, Co-Founder
Dual School Contact Us

Expanding Dual School’s reach online

The website made it easier for Dual School to connect with students, teachers, and organizations, through sharing their story, and the story of the people behind it, including its founders, mentors, and students.

Today, Dual School’s application process and event registrations are run through the website. We designed the website to be simple enough to be managed by Dual School staff, while maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout.

Dual School Contact Us
Dual School Invitations & Program

Creating a buzz around Dual School

Generating interest and establishing brand identity was critical in early events designed to recruit students, mentors, and investors.

After collaborating with students and those behind Dual School, we designed and printed marketing collateral, including stickers, banner stands, event invitations and programs. We also designed email templates and ran the digital campaign to track those attending.

Dual School Invitations & Program
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